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What is the Trading Journal?

MyTradingJournal allows you to build a
customized personal trading plan, track it
and analyze it.

Online Video Training

A to Z training alows you to master MyTradingJournal


Website Membership

Gain access to membership site as long as you use the trading journal


Discussion Forum

Join an active and knowledgeable trading forum with helpful, intelligent, and friendly traders from all over the world.


On-going Support

If you have a question regarding journal inquiries or plan questions, receive a response within 24 hours


Step 1

Step 1

Build a customized trading plan for each strategy being traded

Step 2

Step 2

Enable or ad the symbols you trade. You can journal any instrument that exists

Step 3

Step 3

Import trades directly from your brokerages: TTM Journal, Tradestation, Infinity, Ninja Trader, FX Solution and Think or Swim

Step 4

Step 4

Analyze your trades with an equity curve for each strategy

What can MyTradingJournal do for your trading?

  • Fine tune strategies by knowing the best time of day or days of week to trade them
  • Visually see the trend or your equity curve for each strategy
  • Identify what instruments perform best with certain strategies
  • Visually see how big your winners are versus your losers for every trade
  • Save yourself unnecessary drawdown by analyzing your strategies independently
  • Know what works and what doesn't

Now you can get MyTradingJournal for only $9.97 per month! (Regular price: $29.95)